My First Year as a REALTOR®

Dated: 03/07/2019

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Has it really been one whole year since I have become a Realtor?  This year passed by so quickly, it seemed like a blur.  I guess like the old cliché' “time flies by when you are having fun” is true in this case.  I have learned some hard lessons, met and worked with new people who are like family now, and watched myself do something totally out of my comfort zone. 

I’ll start out with the some of the lessons I learned from my first year.  I think there is a huge misconception on how this business works, and it is important to reach out and inform everyone. Did you know that to be represented by a Realtor as a buyer costs you absolutely nothing? Who would not want that representation by a professional when making one of the most important decisions regarding you and your family?  Another great lesson I learned, is how being represented by a Realtor during negotiations can save you tons of money.  Do yourself a favor and just meet with one before you start the home buying process.  I promise you, you will thank yourself during the process.

I have met some incredible people along this journey.  I represented first time home buyers who only dreamed of being able to own a larger home to entertain their family.  They were so gracious and patient, and I put my heart and soul into making their hopes into a reality.  I can’t express how truly excited I was to see them walk into “their” home for the first time knowing that I helped them achieve that goal.  They are now like family to me and hold a very dear place in my heart.

The final challenge I faced in this business was stepping out of my comfort zone.  Naturally shy and more reserved, how was I supposed to succeed in a business that is all about getting out there and being social?  I accomplished it by challenging myself to do what I thought I could not.  Yep, that means getting out there and putting everything on the line.  It was never doubting myself, stepping outside my safety nets, taking that leap of faith, doing something for myself and not looking back.  My first year as a Realtor has me ready to take on the world.


Nancy Buteau
McGeeScott Realty
Cell: 337-967-3681
Licensed in the State of Louisiana

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Nancy Buteau

Born and raised in charming Loreauville, Louisiana, Nancy Ruiz Buteau knows the true worth of solid relationships and local real estate. As a Realtor she has a passion for delivering the best experi....

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