Can homeownership make you happier?

Exercise really does give you endorphins...and endorphins really do make you happy. 💕

But you know what else makes you happy?

Homeownership 😁

The NAR (National Association of Realtors) recently reported that homeowners who remodel or update their home feel more JOY. 🤗

What projects indicated the highest levels of joy?

-painting 🎨

-new floors 🧹

-closet renovation 👗

-converting a room to a home office or additional living space 🗃

As you can see, a full demo and renovation is NOT required.

As a homeowner, you have the freedom to make updates to your home that bring you joy and can often increase your home's value! Sometimes you need a permit first (total bathroom reno) but at least you don't have to ask your landlord first!  🙌🏼

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