CHOOSING A REALTOR®? When the time comes to need a REALTOR®, you may feel torn on who to use. Maybe you know more than one REALTOR®.  Maybe your friends or co-workers have given you multiple recommendations. Sure, you can simply “pick one”, but purchasing a home or selling a home could very well be the largest financial transaction you will ever make in your life. That’s why choosing a professional REALTOR® is equally as important as choosing your thorough family doctor, trusted mechanic, or detailed CPA.

So, what are some of the things to consider when looking for a REALTOR®?

Is the REALTOR® a full-time REALTOR®? Does the REALTOR® have another job or is real estate their only professional focus? This makes more of a difference than you think. A full-time REALTOR® is available and accessible during daytime hours, evening hours, and on weekends. The real estate market doesn’t end at 5pm or on Friday. It also waits for no one when a hot listing hits the market. You need someone who can show you homes based on your schedule, not theirs. You need someone who will be able to answer calls from potential buyers and fellow REALTORS® at any time during the day. A full-time REALTOR® will give your real estate needs their full attention.

Does the REALTOR® work their business consistently to where they have ample contacts? Good, reliable contacts for lenders, title attorneys, home inspectors, HVAC techs (let's face it, this may be the most important one in south Louisiana!), and any other contact you may need when it’s crunch time in the transaction, when professional repairs are needed or for professional advice at any time during the real estate transaction? 

A well-connected REALTOR® will be able to send you multiple contacts when needed. They have no problem calling or texting for quick answers or to set up appointments. You shouldn’t have to turn to social media to ask for suggestions. A well-connected REALTOR® will have recommendations for any need during the listing or transaction.

How well does the REALTOR® communicate? Communicating with you is important of course, but communicating with others is equally if not maybe more important at times. A hard-working REALTOR® will spend a good bit of time on the phone texting, calling, and emailing. They are reaching out to other REALTORS® with information on your new listing or asking if they have something coming soon similar to what you are looking for. They are following up with showing agents who have yet to leave feedback. They are getting updates from lenders and title companies to see where things are in the transaction. They are on social media sharing your listing or looking for a listing for you. They are also great at networking! They are looking through Acadiana REALTOR® social media groups for information that can benefit you or to get info out on your listing. They are active members of the community constantly meeting new people who could be potential buyers for your home, who have a profession that could aid your real estate needs, or simply to connect with and help get the word out in their personal circle. Communication is key in so many different ways!

What is the depth of the REALTORS® knowledge in today’s market? A full-time REALTOR® has their finger on the pulse of the current real estate market. When their only professional focus is real estate, they are constantly aware of the current interest rates, have a full understanding and knowledge of comparable properties in the area, and are aware of your competition on the market. They stay on top of listings coming soon or ones that were just listed. They trust their gut because they have a lot of experience under their belt to give them confidence in their information. 

Speaking of experience…..Everything that I have talked about so far comes down to experience (and even more so due to being a full-time REALTOR®). An experienced REALTOR® handles many transactions each year and since no two transactions are the same; there is constant education with each one. Being part of a brokerage that also believes deeply in continuing education within the office is another key factor in extensive experience. A good REALTOR® will learn from mistakes not only within themselves but from others as well. They absorb all of the knowledge given to them to help them mold themselves into a top-notch REALTOR® that every buyer and seller deserves. With pretty much every professional industry, experience matters. It can make the difference between the buyer’s offer being accepted above all others or the seller gaining more profit than they thought they could get. It gives that REALTORS® clients the edge in the real estate market. It gives them a tough negotiator and the ability to troubleshoot before anything happens. Finally, experience helps the REALTOR® provide the best possible outcome for the client and that’s what matters the most.

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