Getting a Accepted Offer in a Competitive Market

1.  Start the process earlier than you think. It's so important to make sure you have in depth knowledge of the current market and a good grasp on what you can realistically afford (monthly) so you can start the process confidently and on the right foot.

2.  Schedule a buyer consultation before you think you're ready. There's a lot to learn and be prepared for so that you're ready to go instead of overwhelmed once you begin the process.

3.  Be patient. You have to have patience. Expecting an agent to find you a house and get you under contract quickly might not be possible or realistic in this market. Set your expectations accordingly and talk to your agent about what is realistic.

4.  Be strategic when writing your offer. The highest price doesn't necessarily equate to the winning offer. Position yourself in the best place possible to have that competitive edge (for example: work with a reputable local lender and an agent who is easy to work with. Follow their advice)!

5.  Have all your ducks in a row and be ready to write a competitive offer. This isn't a market where you can low ball an offer, see what the sellers will do, take your time of have multiple showings. You need to move quickly and be confident in your decisions.

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