Have you heard of a Home Journal?

Have you ever heard of a Home Journal?

It's a log book or a record book full of important dates, measurements, repairs, paint colors, etc.

And they're easy to create! Here's how I would do it:

-order a 5 subject notebook

-start by writing your address and a little story about how you bought your house (include dates if you remember!)

-write down a brief description of the house, including square footage

-then go room by room, jotting down things like paint colors, repairs that were made, where you purchased the flooring or light fixtures, etc. *PRO TIP: leave a few pages between each room section so that you have plenty of room to add to it in the years to come!

Let this not just be a log of information but let it also be the story of your home. Before and after pictures, pictures, descriptions of parties you shared, the story behind the hole in the drywall or stain on the carpet...You can journal all the things nobody else would ever know about the life you lived in your home.

The porch where your baby took their first steps...The place your toddler threw spaghetti at the wall in shear excitement or the closet your cat had a surprise litter in. 🐱 These stories are special and true to only you and your four walls...take the time to journal as much as you can while it's still fresh in your mind.

Some day when you move you can take it with you as a precious keepsake. Or, if you really value the history of a home, you can leave it for the new homeowners to add their own stories! Each homeowner can write their own chapter in the story of your home and who knows? Maybe one day it will be a part of your town's historical archive 📖

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