How to Master Plan Your New Home Wish List


ENTER YOUR MUST LIST VS YOUR LUST LIST: My strategy for determining your top priorities while house hunting ??

When you start the house hunting process, it’s easy to get caught up in all the “extra” features which could cause you to potentially neglect the really important things (like location, lot size, the why behind your buying decision, etc). So I wanted to share the steps I walk my buyers through to make sure the

STEP 1: Start by doing a dream home brain dump – pull up a google doc or get out a notebook and your favorite pen. Write down every realistic feature you would love in a home to get started. Everything from a walk in closet to a fenced in backyard. If it’s a feature you’d love, it goes on this list! Have your spouse or significant other do this too.

STEP 2: Next you’re going to put these in order of importance. Go through and number them in order of your top 10 (and order them most important to least important from 1-10). If natural light is a major want, then make sure you prioritize that because it’s something you won’t be able to change.

STEP 3: Go through the list and determine what cannot be changed. The square footage, lot size, natural light, location, view, etc.

STEP 4: Now go through and determine which of these 10 items holds priority over each other. For example, would you trade hardwood floors for a private backyard? Think of it like “would you rather style” where you have to pick one over the other.

STEP 5: Come up with your absolute 3 must haves from doing this entire activity. Highlight or circle those features and keep your list in the notes app on your phone or in a notebook you can bring with you to showings.

By having done this activity, you’ll be able to make smarter home buying decisions that ensure you end up with a house that fits what is most important to you.

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