Iberia Proud - Acadiana Dragon Boat Festival

There are many puzzle pieces that must come together in order to help a community thrive. One of those pieces is community events. A community will hold events for many different purposes such as festivals, fairs, parades and fundraisers. Iberia Parish is one that prides itself in providing a variety of unique community events each month throughout the year. We are also a parish that understands the importance of family friendly community events. This past weekend was one such event. Iberia On Tap hosted the annual Acadiana Dragon Boat Festival. This community puzzle piece had many puzzle pieces within itself that fit together perfectly: gorgeous weather, fantastic food, fun for the kids, friendly competition and a bayou lined with tents that held teams of community members that share a strong belief of giving back. This year’s funds raised couldn’t be going to a better recipient being The Boys and Girls Club.

This event is just one of the many reasons I love being a part of Iberia Parish’s community. Our community has something for you to take part in just about every week. We have events that give adults a fun evening on the town and other events that allow families to enjoy together. Some events are simply for fun while others have the goal of helpings those less fortunate or supporting a non-profit. Citizens of Iberia Parish know how to come together and support each other. Whether we are hopping in a boat to row down our beautiful bayou or celebrating our sugar industry or parading down historic Main Street, we take pride in our community and in true southern fashion, we love to share it with others.

If you haven’t attended a community event in Iberia Parish, be sure to check us out! I’d like to personally invite you to Iberia Parish, and I guarantee there is at least one event in our parish that you will want to keep coming back for!


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