Now is STILL the time to Sell...

If there was ever a time to sell your home for max profits, 2022 is it!

Over the next five years, we will start to see decelerating appreciation in the market.

Don't panic, your home is NOT expected to LOSE value! Homes are simply expected to appreciate in value at a slower rate.

According to the latest "Home Price Expectation Survey" by Pulsenomics, home prices are expected to continue appreciating over the next five years, just at a lower rate than they have the last couple of years.

Take a look at each year and the corresponding appreciation rate.

2020: 10% +

2021: 18% +

2022: 9% +

2023: 4.74% +

2024: 3.67% +

2025: 3.41% +

2026: 3.57% +

As you can see, home appreciation has peaked. While we don’t have a crystal ball, it’s safe to say, this could be the last year to get top dollar out of your home before the market begins to cool off.

Selling your home is a lot less scary in a market like this when you have a full service, client-centered experienced Realtor by your side.

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