Staging Your Home For Sale

Ready to sell your home? Staging your home properly will help to sell your home for top dollar in a quicker time frame. Even when the market is a seller’s market like it is now, staging your home still has many benefits.

What exactly is home staging? This is the process of adding decor, rearranging furniture, making the home more appealing at first glance. This is a marketing strategy used to make a greater first impression to prospective buyers. Staging doesn’t necessarily mean all new furniture and extravagant decor. Sometimes staging is nothing more than some fresh white linens and a few plants to liven up the place.

Why should you stage your home? Staging is an easy way to enhance the home’s appearance and first impressions are everything. More often than not, buyers will first see your home online. Having a properly staged home in the photos they see online will entice buyers to come check out the home in person. Once buyers are in the door, it is important that buyers emotionally connect with the home and picture themselves making your home theirs. Staging will ensure buyers are able to do this. According to National Association of REALTORS® 2021 Profile of Home Staging, 82% of buyers’ agents said staging helped their clients visualize the property as their home.

How to stage your home? 

Begin with Curb Appeal: The first thing a potential buyer will see is the exterior of the home. No need for extravagant landscaping (although that is a plus). Keep it simple! Clean up the outside, pressure wash, pull weeds out of any flower beds, lay some fresh mulch. Make sure to maintain a clean-cut lawn throughout the selling process! You never know when you might have a showing! If you really want to go the extra mile, touch up the exterior paint of the home.

Clean, Clean, & Clean Some More: Nothing will turn away a buyer faster than a dirty home. To them, this is a sign that the home has not been properly maintained over the years. Scrub the floors, bathrooms, and countertops. This includes clearing away all clutter. We like to use the term “less is best.” The fewer things you have out on the counters and around the home, the more appealing it is to a potential buyer.

Add some LIGHT refreshing scents to the home: Notice the emphasis on the word “light.” Find a smell that is light and airy and keep it in the home throughout showings. There are endless options when it comes to air fresheners. Don’t use anything overpowering as this may give off a bad impression. Use just enough to cover any lingering odors.

Light and Bright: Open the windows to allow natural light to flow into the home and turn on all interior lights. Potential buyers are sure to feel welcomed when entering a bright and airy room.

Rearrange the furniture: You want your furniture to be arranged in a way that is inviting, functional, and comfortable. Too much furniture can be a problem. Any item that is overcrowding the room should be put in storage. This will also emphasize the amount of space in the room.

These are just a few ways you can stage your home for the best first impression. REALTORS® are experienced in this department and can help advise you on the best way to stage your home based on your home features and what you are currently working with.

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