The worst thing a Seller can do in a shifting market

The worst thing you can do as a seller in a shifting market is to do it alone.

Before you head to the local hardware store for the "For Sale By Owner" sign, finish reading this post.

I know you're doing the math and figuring out how much selling your home on your own could potentially save you... but I wanted to shed some light on a few important things to consider before you decide to go that route.

🏡 If you're looking to the internet to determine what price to list your home at, you could be losing a lot of money.

Online home values aren't always entirely accurate which means basing your list price on that could leave a lot of money on the table while at the same time if you overprice it you can cause it to sit on the market for a week or two and after coming off of the extremely hot market that we have experienced, the buyers wonder what is wrong with the house if on market more than a week-- it's just simply what the media and the market has conditioned buyers to think!

🗒 Contracts and Negotiations can feel like a foreign language if you're not a real estate professional. Not understanding how to navigate these or have someone work in your best interest could result in sticky situations and money lost.

🙋‍♀️ Demand - when you're in a hot market, one of the greatest benefits to the seller is that they're typically in the driver's seat. When there are more buyers than listings for sale, your house can spark a bidding war when it hits the market. While our local market is seeing a shift and has calmed down a little, some neighborhoods are still seeing multiple offers while others are seeing a few days or even weeks on the market.  However, without an agent helping you prep your home for the market, price it strategically, market it with modern methods and really get it out there, you're missing out on that demand. You might have a buyer or two but that isn't going to drive the price up like it would if you had someone working for you.  

My best advice of all is before you make the decision to do it alone, do some research and find an agent who has good reviews, comes highly recommended and who you can learn something about before reaching out. What does their experience look like? What are their clients saying? Then schedule a consultation with them to see how they can help you net the most money possible from your home sale. 

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