Why use a REALTOR® when purchasing a new construction home?

For most people who are in the market to purchase a home, the decision about whether to use a REALTOR® is a no brainer when it comes to traditional sales. What about new construction? 

 When your journey of purchasing a new construction home begins, it is likely you will contact the sales office for that specific builder and work with a representative for that company. So why work with your own REALTOR®?

1. Because it doesn’t cost!

Anytime you allow a real estate agent to represent you as a buyer, it is at no extra charge to you! Real estate commission is paid by the seller at the time of closing. This is the most obvious reason you should do so. Not only does a buyer not pay for this, but it adds value in many ways. Keep reading to find out just exactly how using a real estate agent can add value to your journey. 

2. Someone to represent YOU!

Keep in mind that any representative or agent you meet through the builder is first representing the builder. Having your own agent will ensure that you have someone looking out for your best interest, and your best interest only. An agent will advocate for you and stand in your corner throughout the entire purchase.

3. A Third Set Of Eyes

Having a real estate agent there to bounce ideas off of is a huge plus. Trust me when I say we have seen it all! The good, bad, and the ugly. Your agent can advise you on what is normal and not normal with home purchasing. When it comes to final walk throughs, we can help you point out defects with the home that you might not have seen or thought of had you been on your own. 

 4. Emotional Support System

Buying a home can be very stressful and cause you to feel crazy, mixed emotions. This is our job! We are here to be your backbone and comfort you when the road gets bumpy. A good agent should be easily accessible and will be there to answer any and all questions you have throughout the entire process. Situations may arise that make you feel like the deal is falling through and it is the end of the world. We can break situations down and help you to understand that these things are normal and assure you that we are going to do what it takes to get you into your new home. 

We are full-time, client-centered REALTORS® ready to represent you in your new construction purchase. When you’re ready to purchase, give me a call! I will gladly represent you from beginning to closing.

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